As everyone adjusts to the new normal, global recreation brand Coleman continues to offer the most trusted, high-quality products to make this shift as fun and safe as possible. 

Today’s goal is to be equipped with the right tools to go through your everyday adventures outside and at home. Need a reliable bag to carry all your grocery finds? Looking for ways to spice up weekends with the family? Coleman has everything you need for your daily hustle.

Most of us have so many new worries to handle ⎯ from making errands safe and efficient to making home life fun and productive. We’re facing so many new challenges in the post pandemic world and we need to make sure that we’re equipped with the right tools for outdoor and indoor everyday adventures.

Coleman® 15L Daily Soft Cooler Red (P1,340) / Coleman® 16 Quart Excursion Cooler Blue (P2,300)

Errands Made Safe & Convenient

It’s no secret that people are fitting in as many errands as possible when making trips out of the house. You need something light, hygienic, and functional to suit your purposes.

Going for a grocery run? Create a list of all supplies you need for the next few weeks and make sure to get all of them on your errand day. It’s important that you minimize touching items in the grocery store. Our safety hack is to bring a lightweight Coleman Soft Cooler that can sit in your shopping cart so that you can place your fruits, meats, and veggies straight into the cooler and avoid exposure to the shopping cart. We don’t know when that shopping cart was last disinfected!

More errands to run after buying groceries? Load your Coleman Coolers in your car trunk and you can run your other errands. Coleman Excursion Coolers keep their temperature for up to 24 hours with use of ice substitutes so you won’t have to worry about your veggies losing their freshness.

Coleman® ½  Gallon Jug Red (P610) / Coleman® 9L Arctic Rainbow Soft Cooler (P940)

Dining Out Redefined

These days, eating out consists of preparing healthy home-cooked meals that you bring to your workplace. Coleman Soft Coolers keep your food for up to 5 hours with use of ice substitutes. Want to bring bottled smoothies or a cold dessert? Coleman Insulated Tote Bags and Mini Coolers got you covered!

Remember your elementary school days with your favorite Coleman water jug? Our updated Japanese-inspired design new Coleman ½ Gallon Jug can not only store cold water for hours with ice, it has a convenient shoulder carrying strap and non-slip rubber side grips for easier handling.

Coleman® 4-person Sundome Tent (P5,325)

Coleman® Compact Table and Chair Set Navy/Pink (P3,710)

More Fun with the Family

While outdoor travel might be limited, you can still get creative with quality time you spend with your family or loved one! Recreate the outdoors camping atmosphere by setting up a Coleman Tent and Sleeping Bags in your living room or in your background. You can share stories under the light of a Coleman Lantern and feast on classic camp food right at the comfort and safety of your own home.

Who knows, this may even make your family more excited for the real camping trip when this situation is over!

Coleman’s line of top quality products find new purpose for people looking to stay on top of their game despite the new norm. We’re here to help you turn your family night, date night, or grocery shopping into an Everyday Adventure!