Salads don’t have the best reputation for being delicious, but with the right additions, they can rival even the yummiest rice meal. Try this six-step guide to create an endless variety of salads using fresh ingredients and seasonal produce.



  • Build your Base


Start by picking out your favorite leafy greens. Some of our favorites include spinach, baby lettuce and arugula. For a local twist, why not try alugbati? Characterized by its purple stems and spinach like leaves, it’s the perfect substitute for spinach. And if you’re looking for a heartier meal, mix in some grains like quinoa or monggo with your greens.


  • Inject a Pop of Colour


Add bite-sized pieces of your favorite fruit to create a more vibrant and nutritious salad. Fruits best enjoyed in summer include mangoes, papayas and melons. Another great way to add color and flavor is by mixing in cooked vegetables like grilled kamote or blanched sitaw.



  • Pick a Protein


When it comes to protein, the possibilities are endless! Meat lovers can top their salad with grilled chicken or pork or last night’s steak, while pescatarians can top theirs with canned tuna or grilled seafood. If you’re vegetarian, you can sub meat for tofu. Try oven-baking your tofu to create crunchy tofu bits.


  • Add a Healthy Fat


Not all fats are bad! In fact, there are all sorts of healthy foods that are high in good fats. Add some superfoods to your salad by tossing in some chopped avocado, boiled eggs or slivers of cheese!


  • Top with Crunchy Add-Ons


Whether you’re making a healthy salad or an indulgent one – it’s all about the crunch! Add nuts and seeds for a nutritious salad high in fiber, vitamin E and omega-3s or top with bacon or croutons for a more indulgent meal.


  • Drizzle on Dressing


Don’t forget your dressing! Choose a dressing based on the heft of your greens. Creamy-dressings go well with heftier leaves like lettuce, while vinaigrettes are perfect for more delicate leaves like arugula. Add a Pinoy twist by substituting lemons for dalandan or calamansi.



HOT TIP: If you’re preparing your salad ahead of time, store it immediately in the refrigerator or cooler. With Coleman soft coolers, you can even make sure your salad stays perfectly chilled all the way from home to your office.



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