Camp food doesn’t have the best reputation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Use these hacks to create easy and tasty dishes that’ll have you and your camp mates eating like kings and queens.



  • Omelette

Eggs are a breakfast staple and one of our favorite ways to cook them is by serving up omelettes. They can be customized, so everyone can choose their own fillings and with this camping hack it’s easy to serve and clean up too!

Tip: As eggs are fragile, prevent them from breaking by pre scrambling your eggs at home and pouring your egg mixture into a plastic water bottle. Voila! Eggs on the go and it’ll save space too.

  • French Toast

If you prefer waking up to a sweet treat. Try this French Toast recipe that uses a clever hack for easy clean-up. We recommend swapping berries for fresh mangoes or other local fruits instead.

Tip: Foil packs are a great alternative to skillets for all types of dishes. Other dishes you can test out include burritos, quesadillas and cheesy fries.


Lunch or Dinner

  • Seafood Paella

This is a dish made to impress! It might seem complicated but, with a little teamwork it’s simpler than it looks. Plus, you’ll have some leftover wine that you can sip on as you wait for the paella to cook.


Tip: When camping, go with dishes that can be cooked in a large batch and only use one pot or pan to make clean-up a breeze. Other dishes that fit the bill include nachos, shakshuka and mac and cheese.

  • Shrimp Boil

Another great recipe that can be made in a foil pack and can be prepared ahead of time is this shrimp boil. A full meal that ticks all the boxes (protein, carbs and veggies), we’re sure this will become a go-to camping dish.

Tip: For dishes that require seasoning, plan ahead and store a small amount in pill containers.



  • Coffee

For caffeine-addicts who’ll only drink their favorite ground first thing in the morning, this camping trick will save you from having to lug around a coffeemaker.

Tip: It’s all about preparation! Make a large batch of these ‘coffee bags’ so when you wake up in the morning all you have to do it dunk it in.

  • Sangria

Cocktails on a campsite? Check! Sangria is the perfect camping cocktail recipe as fruits can more deeply infuse with the alcohol the longer it sits. Just remember that you’ll need to drink it within 3 days!

Tip: Use plastic mason jars or containers instead of traditional glass jars to prevent breakage.


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