If you have kids, chances are you’ve gone through the struggle of trying to make them eat healthier only to receive protest and crying as a reply. It’s every parent’s predicament to get their children to eat healthier as kids nowadays would prefer pizza and ice cream over their vegetables. It may be difficult but it’s definitely not impossible. Here are 6 tips to get your kids to eat nutritious meals that you will prepare:

1.  Praise your kids for their healthy choices

Kids respond better to positive reinforcements. Affirming your children’s healthy food choices will in turn make them realize that they are making the right decisions and therefore paving the way towards healthy living at an early age.

2. Stop scolding them for their unhealthy choices

Negative reactions may arouse curiosity in children and in turn lead to instant experimentation. Instead of reacting undesirably towards your kid’s unhealthy food choices, address it better by calmly explaining to them the potential consequences of their decisions (the more graphic, the better).

3. Get creative with food preparations

Turn the undesirable to the desirable by incorporating shapes and colors in food preparations. A recent study by Cornell University suggests that kids are naturally curious and will find diversity of colors and shapes more interesting. When meals are prepared in a more appealing manner, it is more likely to be perceived as appetizing. For instance, bacon shaped in a smile and peas arranged into a heart shape appeal better to children.

4. Stock up on healthy food

Hungry children often eat what’s available in the kitchen. Instead of grabbing those chips from the grocery aisle, why not replace them with fresh fruits or vegetables that are perfect for midday snacks.

5. Keep it fresh and hot

No one would find an all dried up and cold meal appetizing, especially not your kids. Keep their lunches fresh as if only cooked minutes ago with Coleman’s Soft Coolers. These high quality coolers are equipped with great insulators to keep their lunches warm and delicious.

6. Keep it cool

Every meal is not complete without refreshments. Nothing is more refreshing than a jug of cold water or fresh fruit juice—ideal for the hot weather. Try Coleman’s jugs with ThermOZONE Insulation that is perfect for keeping your kid’s beverages cool and invigorating to keep them active in their everyday activities.


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