Here in the Philippines, we’re lucky enough to experience an endless summer. However, this means that the heat can really go through the roof from March to May. That’s why we’ve rounded up five different ways to #KeepItCool this sunny season.

1. Get Wet

Keep cool by getting wet! Splash around in a friend’s pool or plan a barkada road trip and take a dip in one of our country’s many beaches and waterfalls. With Philippines beaches consistently ranking among the best beaches in the world, we’re spoilt for choice!

image from @kgwanders

2. Climb Up a Mountain

If you prefer forests to the sea, you can also escape the heat by going above sea level. Go camping with friends and hike up a mountain. Depending on which mountain you choose to climb, you might even be able to wake up above the clouds! Plus, it’s guaranteed to be a few degrees cooler up there than in the city.

image from @instajepong

3. Stay Hydrated

Beat the heat and stay hydrated! While eight glasses of water is the rule of thumb, we need much more on hot days. If you prefer soda to water, try adding slices of fruits or herbs to flavor your water. You can also try drinking sparkling water, if you miss the added fizz.

4. Mindfulness

As the temperature rises, it’s easy for your cool to do the same. This summer, practice mindfulness by setting an intention for yourself everyday and by practicing gratitude. This way, no matter the heat or situation, you’ll always keep your cool.

5. Pay It Forward

There’s nothing cooler than ‘paying it forward’. Give back to your community by donating your time to a worthwhile cause and call your local NGO to see if they need volunteers. If you’re pressed for time, you can also do your part for Mother Nature by collecting plastic and trash the next time you head out to the beach or hit the trails.

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