Summer often means family vacations, weekend trips and more catch-ups with friends. All this can start to put a dent in your wallet. If you’re looking to ways to make more money this summer, try one of these side hustles!


1.Drink Stand

Keep your neighborhood cool this summer by setting up a cold drink stand. While lemonade, calamansi and dalandan juice are summer favorites, you can also offer more interesting beverages like milk tea or ice candy inspired by classic summer drinks.

  1. To-Go Salad Packs

Many Filipinos want lunch to be delicious, healthy and convenient, so why not start a customized salad business? Instead of mass-produced salads filled with preservatives and nitrates and toppings that get pushed to the side, offer BIY (build-it-yourself) salads. From choosing the base to the dressing on the side, these salads are made for each customer.

  1. BBQ catering

Fire up the grill and start a BBQ catering business. Offer your grill master skills to family and friends for outdoor gatherings and other summer events. Just remember to use a cooler to transport raw meats to be cooked. You wouldn’t want anyone to get sick!

  1. Florist

Learn a new skill and earn extra income by putting together bouquets. While it’s a niche market, you only need to find a few offices or homes that require a weekly flower arrangement to create a consistent revenue stream. Tip! Flowers that grow from bulbs (tulips, daffodils and hyacinths) like cold water. Place these types of cut flowers in the fridge or cooler overnight to make them last longer.


  1. Picnic Baskets

Summer is peak travelling season with Filipinos and tourists alike planning day trips to local destinations. Take advantage of this trend by offering specialized picnic baskets filled with an assortment of ready to eat food and drink. Some ideas for special picnic baskets include: vegetarian-friendly, family-friendly and local delights (locally-sourced and made goods). To keep food hot or cold, place all the goodies into a soft cooler. Don’t forget to ask for a deposit for the cooler!

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