When heading out on a weekend adventure, whether you are spending your afternoon at a nearby beach, soaking up some sun at a tropical country, or camping over a thousand stars, everyone has to take on the challenge of packing!

Here’s a list of our 5 Must-haves for your next camping getaway!

  1. The Perfect Bag


For any kind of backpacking trip, of course, the first thing you need is a trusty backpack!

Picking the right travel bag is an important part in planning your trip. Make sure to pick a bag that fits your body ; a bag that you can carry around comfortably.

From contemporary, sporting bags to heavy duty bags that is perfect for any type of adventure, Coleman has got you covered!

2. Tent

When choosing an outdoor gear, you should always take note of the specific activity that you are planning to do. For any camping trip, tents are a must as it serves as your shelter while you’re enjoying the outdoors.

You may choose from dome ten types with added roof pole to form shelter over front door and rear window, Instant Up range of that is very useful as a no fuss quick set up tent, or a wedged tunnel design that is wind responsive and strong!

3. Cooler

Since you will be spending all your time outdoors, a reliable cooler will be your most trusted gear to keep your food and beverages fresh and cool!

You may opt to get the regular coolers for when you are staying overnight or Extreme series coolers if you are planning to camp for a couple of days!

Make sure to fill it up with enough ice and pack your food ingredients properly to maximize the cooler’s capacity!

4. Camping Chair

If you regularly go camping, a substantial compact gear that will stand the test of time will be a great investment! 

A camping chair that can fold into a compact size for easier carrying and storage is an essential gear you need to have with you when you’re roughing the outdoors or when you’re simply relaxing at the beach while watching the sunset!


4. Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag will keep you warm during your camping trip, and will also serve as a cushion for when you are sleeping in a tent.

Different adventures will require different accessories, which, will also depend on the type of environment you are going to. You must always plan your trip carefully to ensure you have a good time and remain safe while enjoying your adventure. Don’t get caught in the great outdoors unprepared!


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