One of the reasons we love summer is that it’s the perfect excuse to bring family and friends together. However, while we all look forward to beach weekends or sipping cocktails at the Fort, this can all start to add up – especially if it becomes a weekly habit!

This weekend, get the most bang for your buck and try one of these budget-friendly ideas instead. We promise it’ll be just (if not more) fun!


  1. Cocktail Night In

Invite your barkada over for a cocktail masterclass. Recreate all your favorite drinks, from sangria to mojitos, or give a classic drink a fresh twist. Try your hand at crafting a frozen dalandan margarita or a mango daiquiri. For an ice cold cocktail, keep all your ingredients (and even your cocktail glasses) chilled in a cooler.

  1. Frozen Fridays

Replace Happy Hour Fridays with Frozen Fridays. Instead of heading to the usual bar after work, see if you can set up an ice cream sandwich bar at the office. All you’ll need is a few crowd favorite ice cream flavors, a selection of cookies and some sprinkles. Brownie points if you can throw in some popsicles for any lactose intolerant co-workers.



  1. Backyard Cinema

Travel to an exotic destination in the comfort of your backyard. Choose a city you love or can’t wait to visit and use this as a theme for your movie marathon. For an Italian getaway, we love Roman Holiday, Letters to Juliet and the Italian Job. If your family loves to cook and eat, you can even match the food to the movie. Gelato anyone?

  1. Get Active!

Gather your friends and family and start a weekly pick up game of your choice. Depending on how competitive your group is, you can choose to keep things friendly or organise teams and end the summer with a competition. Just remember to keep it cool and stay hydrated!

  1. Staycation

Host a sleepover at home with your best friends. Slip into your PJ’s and bake cookies, watch movies or simply talk all night long! If you and your friends still have money before payday, you can also hunt down an Airbnb with a pool and have your sleepover there.



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